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We will be operating at Level 2 criteria,  effective Monday 8th March.  Please click COVID-19 tab for further information. 




Friday 5th March 2021
Tēnā koutou e te whānau o te Kura Oaklynn,
Just a quick update to check-in, hope that your reformed bubble has treated you well this week.  The Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon that we will move to Level 2 at 6am on Sunday 7th March brings great relief to us all.
We look forward to your child or young adult returning to school on Monday morning.
Special thanks to all of our staff this week
1. To our on site teams who supported a small group of learners ; teachers - Siobhan, Louise Dore; therapists - Lauren, Tish, Leanne and Kylie - and our awesome support staff - Jane, Claire, Stacey, Bryan, Michelle W, Louise P, Jonas, Cindy, Libby, Frances, Hagere, Cosh, Deepali and Seema.
I know that those staff who are unable to support the programme due to their own unique bubbles, and our learners and their whanau, really appreciate your
contributions - thank you on behalf of us all.
2. To our staff working at home, supporting learners and their whānau - it is particularly challenging juggling your work and the demands of your bubble - we do appreciate the extra energy and thought this takes - ngā mihi.
Level 2 - Reminder
Moving to level 2 at school means that there are still some safety measures that need to be in place. You will remember from previous times we like to err on
the side of caution. Until further notice we will be taking the following
measures to keep everyone safe. We will review our measures on a weekly basis.
1. Hygiene measures
a. One entrance to classes
b. Sign in sheets
c. No visitors
d. Parents to drop learners at the door / gate (rather than enter the classes)
e. Temperature checks
f. Regular cleaning of high use surfaces
g. Use of sanitiser
h. Students, staff are to stay home if unwell
i. Families will be asked to pick-up their young person if they seem unwell at school
2.Staff movement - minimising movement across our 10 sites
a. Therapists will
I. Only visit one class per day and return to Base
ii. Continue with their planned meetings at Base as per our schedule
iii. Work in the therapy office
b. Outreach teachers will
I. Visit their schools as requested
ii. Will not return to Base School to work but can visit to get resources.
3. Class Community Outings / activities
a. Will not proceed for the week
b. Swimming in host school pools will only occur if it has been approved by the host school’s protocols
c. Where our satellites are concerned Oaklynn staff will be guided by host school protocols
4. Taxis
a. At the time of writing, we are expecting the taxi service to run as usual. However, the taxi company may have a reduction in drivers due to Level 2, so please be aware that there could be some disruption to the service.
Although this has been repeated many times please ensure that if your child has any symptoms or feels generally unwell please stay away from school to ensure
the safety of everyone. If you have any concerns or queries please don’t hesitate
to contact us on office@oaklynn.school.nz
Support moving forward
We know that Lockdown can bring extra pressures over and above the usual family stressors, so please read below about ways we might be able to help you
and your whānau.
Wishing you all a very restful weekend,
Ngā mihi nui,
Louise Doyle,
Manaakitanga is one of Oaklynn’s core values - it is a beautiful concept from Te Ao Māori (Māori world) and means “hospitality, kindness, generosity, support - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others”.
We are aware that there are increasing pressures in our community due to the impact of COVID. Our Oaklynn whānau may have members who have lost jobs
and may be struggling to make ends meet. They may be in need of support. We also know that the Oaklynn community has a big heart and is full of aroha and manaakitanga for others.
Manaakitanga group
We have put together a caring committee - a manaakitanga group that supports members of our community in a more efficient way. It is made up of other parents and staff. The idea being that it is great for those of us who are able extend some support to those of us who are in need.
Do you need help or assistance?
please don’t be whakama (shy)
Do you need any of the following......
  • Food parcels
  • Another parent to chat to
  • Help to understand the disability support system and what is available in the community
  • We also have large quantities of nappies/ pull ups sizes 4-7 yrs, 8-14yrs and medium adult if you need some.

If so, please get in touch on our private email
Would you like to help?
If you would like to be a part of this support network 
in a way that fits in with your family and lifestyle
- we would love to hear from you.
Please note:
your involvement need only be what you can cope with
the needs within a community are varied and in some
cases you may never be told the reason your
assistance is needed
Here are some ways we can help others:
prepare meals when needed, do some baking occasionally
provide food parcels or items for food parcels
assist with transport to and from appointments
make an additional school lunch
or make a donation to the school account
with reference
Please reply to this private email
we’d love to hear your thoughts and
whether you’d be interested in supporting this initiative.

Community Notices

Disability Support Newsletter


Jacinda Ardern and Nigel Latta

"Earlier this week I had a conversation with psychologist, Nigel Latta, on tips and tricks to look after yourself while we’re all staying home to save lives. I hope you find it useful, no matter what your bubble or your circumstances."  Jacinda Ardern


Wellbeing/Disability Support



As you know, wellbeing is at the heart of our work at Oaklynn. We acknowledge that this time of Lockdown may be particularly stressful for our families. We are also aware that the usual supports that you might access in other times are not available for you now. With that in mind, we have sourced some organisations that may be able to assist you.

Tai Chi Earth

Marian is a teacher at Oaklynn Special School. She and her husband Pete have a special interest in Tai Chi. They have been developing their own easily accessible tai chi programme and have been teaching tai chi for several years to adults in community settings as well as children and students with Special Needs.