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​N​ewsletter: Friday 23 October 2020

Tēnā koutou katoa parents, whānau, carers and staff,

A few words from Louise

As we work towards finishing the year, we are mindful - through recent global events - to really focus on our learners’  health and well-being. To do so we need to provide appropriate contexts, environments and programming for ‘well being’ and post-Lockdown recovery. 

As a specialist school, our core business is education, however education does not exist in a vacuum; our learners need to be in a place of relative calm, focus and, yes, ‘well-being’ (however divergent that might look). To support this aim of learner well-being, we have asked teachers to think of an increase in fun low-key explorative activities - which might mean more fun outdoor sessions, more time programmed for the arts (or an appreciation of the arts),  sensory play, water play. Any number of ways we might spend the day with our learners - opportunities just to be in happy places, and in happy contexts with our caring staff. Naturally, amongst this perspective, and alongside, the learning is still in place and continues - but perhaps with a new perspective to support those learners still very much in a real sense of Lockdown recovery. 

Friday 23rd October (Teacher only day), our entire school staff are going to a professional development session with  Dr John C McEwan (Dr Stress): Post Lock-down Mental Skills - Using the Primal Brain to Build our Resilience. We are very much looking forward to learning about how we might further build/enhance our school community’s resilience to strengthen well-being across the school, with greater opportunities for learning to follow.

What's happening around the school


You may not have heard much about arts therapy at Oaklynn before… 


The arts therapy approach provides a creative, fun and non-threatening experience for children and young people to express themselves and develop new skills. Arts therapy is an effective way to engage students who have communication difficulties and to support them learning in different ways. An art therapy session is:

⮚ (able to) engage all the senses 


⮚ action-based 


⮚ creative 


⮚ providing an alternative way of communication 


⮚ fun! 


Arts therapy uses art, drama, play, music and movement to support self-expression, developmental learning and well being. 


Arts therapists are employed throughout the country, but at present, there are only a few working in specialist schools in  New Zealand. Istvan holds a Master of Arts in Arts Therapy (clinical qualification) and has a background working in special education, in New Zealand, for over a decade as a fully registered teacher. 


Istvan facilitates drama groups with therapeutic lenses at Base School. This year, throughout terms 1-3, Istvan has been working at Chaucer 9 and Te Aratika Toru. Presently, Istvan provides Arts Therapy support at Te Ara Hou 2 and Te  Aratika Rua.



Notices from Niva

A friendly reminder to our whānau: 

If you are moving house / adding respite details / changing from taxi to conveyance or visa versa etc please let me know at the office as soon as possible. The Ministry requires paperwork for everything – so, unfortunately, it is not just a  simple chat to the taxi driver or taxi provider. Please be aware that it will take at least a couple of weeks for Ministry to process any new request – so the earlier you inform us of any change, the easier it will be for your young person – hopefully with minimal disruption. We are always happy to help with any concerns - thank you.

Upcoming dates for Term 4:
Monday 26 October - Labour Day 
Wednesday 04 November - ​Onesie Wednesday (Autism Awareness)
Friday 27 November - ​Senior Ball at Base School
Thursday 03 December - ​Graduation Dinner
Friday 04 December - ​Junior Picnic
Wednesday 09 December - ​Senior Awards Night at GBHS Auditorium
Tuesday 15 December - ​Senior Picnic
Thursday 17 December - ​Last Day of School finish at 12:00pm

Keep safe and be kind to one another.  

Take care

Nga mihi nui

Louise Doyle


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2020 Term Dates

Term 1:      7 Feb - 9 April

Term 2:      28 April - 3 July

Term 3:      20 July - 25 Sept

Term 4:      12 Oct - 17 Dec


2020 Public Holidays

Auckland Anniversary            27 Jan (during school holidays)

Waitangi Day                        6 Feb (during school holidays)

Good Friday                          10 April (during school holidays) 

Easter Monday                      13 April (during school holidays)

Easter Tuesday                     14 April (during school holidays) 

ANZAC Day                          27 April (during school holidays)

Queen's Birthday                   1 June

Labour Day                           26 Oct