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Term 2 2017

We currently have a vacancy for a permanent, full time position for a classteacher.  The advertisement, job description, and applicaiton form, are below.

We are seeking a Property Manager to work at Oaklynn School.  Please find below the document outlining the job description, schedule of duties and responsibilities, and a person specification.

For any inquiries and applications, please email office@oaklynn.school.nz 

The closing date for applications is 4pm, 26th April.

We also have a vacancy for a permanent, part time position for a Physiotherapist (0.4).  The advertisement, job description, and application form, are below.

Additionally, there are positions available for relieving teacher aides. Please find below details of the job and how to apply.


At the close of nominations for parent trustees:

As the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following were duly elected

  • Karen Burns
  • Catherine Donovan
  • Lamatul Firdous
  • Maria Schuster
  • Rachel Van Polanen
At the close of voting for the Staff Trustee, I hereby declare Bobbie Chadderton duly elected.
Jane Burrage                 Returning Officer