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School is partially open as per Level 3.2 criteria,  effective Monday 22nd November.  Please click COVID-19 tab for further information. 

Our Community

A Learning Partnership

We believe that families have a vital role to play in the educational directions for their children. The learning that takes place at school is only part of all learning that happens during a child’s life and parents and caregivers need to work together with educational staff so that school life matches the child’s life.

Community of Learning - CoL

Oaklynn is privileged to be part of a Community of Learning - this is a group of local schools working together to raise student achievement.  Our CoL is called Kōtuitui and is a collaborative relationship between twelve local schools.  

Morag Hutchinson (principal of Green Bay High School), is the lead principal of this exciting initiative and has commented that  

ktuitui.png"As educators we must always be curious and engaged in the puzzle of what works best for learning, but to do this with a focus on the whole learning pathway in our own community is very exciting".  (2018)

The three in-school teachers at Oaklynn are Emma Cutts (learning support), Sian Pinchen (transition) and Kelly Charteris (curriculum).  Click here to be directed to the Kōtuitui website to read more about these specific inquiries.