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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Parent Representative Election, 2019

28 May, 2019
All eligible parents/caregivers will receive a voting pack in the mail, which includes a cover letter, Candidate Statements, a Voting Form, and a self-addressed envelope to return to our Returning Officer.

The nominees we have are (alphabetical order):

Karen Burns, Ginny Jones, Denish Kumar, Troy Mackenzie, Maria Schuster, Rangimaria Thomas-Barrett, Julie Veli.

Please take time to read carefully through their Candidate Statements. 

This is a postal election and the voting paper is valid only if returned in the addressed envelope provided, with only one voting paper per envelope and returned using one of the following delivery options:

1. If posting your voting paper, you must use the enclosed envelope and post to:

Returning Officer
Oaklynn School
20 Mayville Avenue, New Lynn
Auckland, 0600

Your vote will not be counted unless the envelope is postmarked before the day of the election, 7 June 2019, and received by the returning officer not later than 5 days after the date of the election.

Ensure that you post it as soon as possible because New Zealand Post has reduced its mail delivery service.

2. If hand-delivering your voting paper, please return it in the envelope provided and ensure that it is delivered before noon on 7 June 2019. It should be taken to:

Returning Officer
Oaklynn School
20 Mayville Avenue, New Lynn
Auckland, 0600

A ballot box will be located in the main reception area during the hours of 8am to 4pm daily until noon on 7 June.

Signed: Rachel Russell

BOT.JPGThe Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school which is ultimately responsible for the total operation of the school including the employment of the staff. It is composed of elected parent representatives as well as the Principal and a staff representative. Other members may be co-opted or appointed as necessary.                                                                       

Board of Trustees 2013 - 2016 From left to right: Michelle Silvester (Chair), Amanda Jackson, Louise Doyle (Principal), Brian Coutts (Staff Rep) and Trish Lundon.

June 2016

At the close of nominations for parent trustees:

As the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following were duly elected

  • Karen Burns
  • Catherine Donovan
  • Lamatul Firdous
  • Maria Schuster
  • Rachel Van Polanen

At the close of voting for the Staff Trustee, I hereby declare Bobbie Chadderton duly elected.

Jane Burrage                 Returning Officer