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Board of Trustees

BOT.JPGThe Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school which is ultimately responsible for the total operation of the school including the employment of the staff. It is composed of elected parent representatives as well as the Principal and a staff representative. Other members may be co-opted or appointed as necessary.                                                                       

Board of Trustees 2013 - 2016 From left to right: Michelle Silvester (Chair), Amanda Jackson, Louise Doyle (Principal), Brian Coutts (Staff Rep) and Trish Lundon.

June 2016

At the close of nominations for parent trustees:

As the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following were duly elected

  • Karen Burns
  • Catherine Donovan
  • Lamatul Firdous
  • Maria Schuster
  • Rachel Van Polanen

At the close of voting for the Staff Trustee, I hereby declare Bobbie Chadderton duly elected.

Jane Burrage                 Returning Officer