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Holiday Programme

Holiday Programme Sept-Oct

Due to demolition, building and refurbishment of  base school classrooms, multi purpose room, staff room and offices over the next 6 months, Oaklynn School Holiday Programme is cancelled until further notice.

Room 4 is being demolished in the next holidays and there is literally no safe, suitable outside play area until the building work is complete.  We are not happy that we can provide a safe physical and emotional environment with this amount of destruction and construction happening on site.  

I am contacting Taikura Trust and Spectrum Care today to inform them of our situation.

Please contact Taikura Trust and stress the need for your child to attend a holiday programme to socialise with their  peers, have structured safe care, and activities that engage them, and to give you and your other children a break.  

Thank You,  

Colleen  Smith on behalf of  the Principal , B.O.T.  Bobbie  and the Holiday Programme  team.