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Whanau Tautoko - Family Support

School Support

Family_Support.jpgWe are committed to supporting the families and caregivers of our students. We are able to provide support for parents by networking support services both within and without of the school, by networking with agencies and by helping to set up respite care and professional assistance when needed. Our Deputy Principal has a major role in family support and liaison. Parents and Caregivers are also given the opportunity to join in workshops and seminars held at the school and which are of interest to them.

Oaklynn recognises that:

• There are times when families need support to access to other services. School has a knowledge of these services, personnel and how to approach them. By listening to our families we can help them to identify their choices of support, what they need and advocate on their behalf. Working together is an approach that will lead to supportive outcomes for families with children with special education and complex needs.

• Difficulties that a family may be experiencing can impact on a child’s learning.

• Families may not always have the information or the energy needed to deal with disability issues.

• Families in crisis are vulnerable and need help.

On enrolment at Oaklynn all parents receive a Family Support brochure (Family_Support.pdf) and a Benefits brochure (Family_Support_Benefits.pdf) which advise parents what extra support is available to them and benefits they are entitled to which they can access while their child is at school.


Community Support


All of our students should be registered with Taikura Trust which is the needs assessment service for this area. Not being registered can lead to difficulty accessing other services when they are needed. Taikura Trust coordinates services that are available, which can range from respite care, to fencing, bathroom modifications and in home behaviour support.