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Learning & Achievement

Te akoranga me te aromatawai

Planning for Learning and Achievement


Checkpoint Process:

At key stages in the student’s learning pathway, (see ‘Learning and Achievement’ model below), the checkpoint process is completed for each student. It involves a series of systems and meetings that ensure quality of service in:
          a)   Parent/Whanau engagement
          b)   Transdisciplinary practice
          c)   Assessment for learning
          d)   Prioritisation of learning

  • Enrolment:
    Conducted by Deputy Principal with family.

  • Checkpoint Meeting:
    A member of the Senior Management Team, the Therapy Team Leader and the Class Teacher, meet with Parents/Whanau or Carers.  The focus of the meeting is for the parent(s) to share information with the school about their child, firstly by giving a profile of their child and then by sharing their vision for their child’s future.

  • Transdisciplinary Assessment:
    Each member of the professional team, including the teacher, therapists and specialists, where appropriate, carries out assessments on all aspects of the student’s functioning and enters the information into the ‘Skills Matrix – Transdisciplinary Assessment’ format.

  • Transdisciplinary Case Discussion:
    The therapy team, one of the Deputy Principals and the class teacher meet to review the assessment information in the 'Skills Matrix'.  Every area of learning is considered and priorities determined.

  • Long Term Goals:
    Long term goals are generated in 1-3 key areas of learning.  These goals guide the student’s priority learning in their Individual Education Plans for the next 3-4 years.
  • IEP:
Written yearly and and reviewed twice a year.
  • Other Focus Areas:
    Other focus areas for learning and support are also identified – and these translate across to the ‘Other Skills’ area of the IEP