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Te Kura Tuatahi



All our junior students from 5 years old to about 11 years old are in a classroom at one of our local schools. These classes are called satellite classes and the local schools are called our host schools. We have classes in the following schools:

Our classes have approximately six students in each with similar needs. They are supported by a Teacher and Teacher Aides.

Students are provided with some opportunities to integrate with mainstream classes where appropriate. We also have a reverse buddy system where mainstream students come to our classes for specific programmes or just to interact with our students.


The Junior School follows the NZ Curriculum with emphasis on the Key Competencies which are relevant and accessible to all our students.

There are several factors that influence and underpin curriculum content and delivery at Oaklynn.

Primary_2.jpgThese factors reflect the beliefs about effective theories and practices in relation to the education of students with significant learning needs. These include the concept of relevance, active and meaningful learning experiences and a focus on the individual student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

For the students at Oaklynn School, the development of relationships is seen first and foremost as an essential component of their learning.

Experience Sharing is an approach to developing social communication and flexible thinking.

Intensive Interaction is an approach that helps students with complex needs extend their communication.

All classes follow the fundamentals of a Structured TEACCHing programme which augments visually based methods to promote communication, social and leisure skills as well as cognitive development and independence.

Classes are supported by Therapists such as Speech Language Therapist, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist.

Specialist Teachers provide a balanced curriculum and are timetabled into classes each week, for example: Art, and Dance Specialists.