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TEACCH Programme

All teaching staff and therapists at our school attended a three day workshop in Jan 2014, presented by TEACCH Trainers from the University of North Carolina, USA.

Given the characteristic cognitive and behavioural pattern of ASD, the TEACCH trainers have developed educational strategies, called structured TEACCHing, to help individuals with ASD function in the culture that surrounds them.

Structured TEACCHing involves an approach to serving people with ASD that recognises both the characteristic difficulties of ASD and each individual’s skills, levels, talent, special interests, personality, feelings, quirks and potential.

Structured TEACCHing has two complementary goals:

  1. Increasing the individual’s skills
  2. Making the environment more comprehensible and more suited to individual needs

The elements of Structured Teaching are:

  • Organisation of the physical environment
  • A predictable sequence of activities
  • Visual Schedules
  • Routines with flexibility
  • Work /activity systems
  • Visually structured activities.

Structured TEACCHing helps students with ASD to organise themselves and to function more appropriately, independently and successfully.

These strategies are also very useful for all of our students.