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Te Kura Tuatoru

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Oaklynn TEC is our Tertiary Education Centre.

Tertiary_2.jpgOur programme at Oaklynn TEC is designed to cater for the needs of our students who are in their last few years at school. The programme includes elements of work and community recreation and participation as well as completing SPEC modules. 

Oaklynn TEC is where our tertiary aged students attend daily and participate in individualised programmes that aim to build greater independence in the community.



oaktec-contact.jpgThe location of Oaklynn TEC is vital. We are lucky to be located in the heart of New Lynn within minutes of work experience providers, local shops, Lynn Mall, Les Mills Gym and the New Lynn public library. You will see our young adults walking to these places individually or in small groups accompanied by one of staff. 

The centre is a vibrant modern learning environment with a real tertiary feel.  The activities are varied, covering curriculum areas, community participation, differing cultures, and use the strengths of staff and students alike.  The students have created a PowerPoint presentation to let people know what it's like to be at OakTEC. 

Oaklynn has a specialised transition programme for our senior students aged 18-21. Our students are based at either Oaklynn TEC or at Base School.


Tertiary_1.jpgOur Transition system acknowledges the process a student, their families and caregivers go through as they move towards post-school life.

The transition teacher meets with the student and their support network to develop an individualised plan. This plan includes recreational/leisure choices, educational goals that reflect the student's move towards adult life, tertiary education possibilities, residential options, health and advocacy needs, and employment.

Our ultimate aim is to make the transition from school to  post-school community-based adult life as smooth as possible, by providing rich school-based programmes to meet the specific needs of our senior students and establishing links with service and education providers, employers, community groups, private trusts, and funding organisations.

An important part of the Transition programme is to give senior students some experience of what it means to have a place in the work force. We have an ever-increasing number of employers who are prepared to take our students into their businesses for a limited number of hours each week. This scheme is working very well and we are hopeful that in some cases it will lead to regular paid employment after the student leaves school.

Oaklynn Base School

We have a small number of tertiary aged students whose needs are better supported from our Base School. These students also follow a community based programme that is designed to support their transition to post school life, for example greater access to leisure and recreation facilities in their communities.